Hello and welcome to Caper and Plot. Here you’ll find children’s stories and poems and all sorts of things to do with words. You’ll also see lots of pictures – some fit the stories, some are just amusing or colourful and some are about me. I am Herbie Cax, which is not my real name. See the links below to discover some other places where I juggle with words, but please assume that the content on those other sites is for readers aged 12years+ only. Caper and Plot is for readers of all ages.

Here are a few words from the first story, Paternoster Tales 

Burp! – London – mischief – Lucretia – rats – waif – mirrors – Paternoster – dark – death – magic – Barnabas – caper – Molly – poison – tricks – Agatha – pigeons – plot

Imagine you could pick the words up and toss them high into the air. Watch as they fall and plop one after another into a big writing cauldron – the long heavy ones make an enormous splash while the short light ones make a soft splish. Stir the cauldron with a long-handled word-stirring spoon. Watch them bubble and boil. And look for slithery sentences rising in the steam. If we string the sentences together, we begin a story.

Sit down, stand up, hop on one leg – I don’t care where or how you do it, just read. And dream.

Click on the profile boxes on the Home page to choose a story.

Alternatively click on Blog above to find bits of different stories – all a bit higgledy piggledy but still words to read.



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